Giraffe Stock Studio

Giraffe Stock Studio is an Istanbul-based, digital asset stock studio, where talented creators from various fields work together. We create stock content in several disciplines for professionals around the world. This includes footage, illustrations, designs, motion graphic projects, video editing templates, graphic elements, and various combinations. Despite the growing need for stock content in the creative industry, Giraffe Stock Studio is one of the few multidisciplinary stock studios in the world.

We provide our assets to the TV & Movie Industry and to Ad-agency professionals, worldwide. In all phases of production, we take into consideration the need for compatibility with new trends, and most importantly, originality.

For both individual contracts and multi-stock corporate contracts, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Since 2012, our content has been used in thousands of projects by Film Directors, Videographers, Art Directors, Illustrators, Creative Directors, and Designers. Our goal is to continue contributing new concepts and innovative solutions to the world of stock assets.